Contribute to Our Cause

We welcome your financial contribution to support our organization and help build our assistance fund for children and families that fall within our mission. Just like any business concern, in addition to funds needed to fund our primary cause, we are also in need of funds to pay for our expenses, such as web hosting, printing, professional services, and other costs associate with any business.

If you are able to make a direct contribution to our cause, please use the PayPal link located on the right side of this page to make a contribution.

If in addition to or lieu of a financial contribution you wish to provide assistance by volunteering your time or talents, please use the contact form to reach out to us and let us know what assistance you would like to provide. Children’s Body-Image Foundation has no paid staff, so contributions of time are highly appreciated.

Please follow our blog for information about our upcoming events and programs.

Thank you for supporting CBIF!